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NEGATIVE ION is Oxygen Molecules that have more electrons, are commonly found such a cool area of ​​forests, mountains and waterfalls that will lead to a sense of comfort body.

NEGATIVE ION benefits for the body:
1. Negative Ion Increases Body Immunity system.
2. Negative Ions Improve Blood Circulation and Strengthens the cardiovascular system.
3. Negative Ion Improve Quality.
4. Negative Ion relieves pain associated Allergy & Respiratory.
5. Negative ions as Anti Pollutants and Sterilisator.
6. Negative Ion Reduce Stress and Fatigue.

Test results negative ions on apples for 7 Sunday

uji apel inggris



Specification : 13.5 x 120 x 500 – 1000 (Random Length)
Surface Area : 1.44 m2