Jual Lantai Kayu – Vinyl Floor – Parket Indonesia

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10 Years Warranty

Vinyl Floor ( Lantai Vinyl )

Vinyl Floor (LVT) Meforze made ​​of PVC and Rubber material pressed with high pressure and overlaid with pattern PVC Decor Film and overlaid again with Wear Layer thickness of 0.5 mm on the surface so that is resistant to scratches and with UV processed with Nano technology (Ag +) to become stronger and more resistant to heat and anti-bacterial. At the bottom is overlaid with Special Rubber Bottom Layer made ​​to give strength to the results of the press production and easier to glue in the gluing process. (Installation process using glue and attach directly to the surface of the base floor).

Vinyl Floor Color & Surface

Vinyl Plank :

typeMV typeWV
Type MV Type MV 2 mm Type WV

Vinyl Tile :

typeLV typeCV
Type LV ( Solid ) Type CV ( Carpet Tile )



Technical Data

Slip ASTM C-1028 ADA : Pass
Light Stability ISO 105 B02:6 or above
Dimensional Stability EN 434 : Pass
Curling After Exposure to Heat EN 434 : Pass
Dimension EN 427 : Pass
Overall Thickness EN 428 : Pass
Wear Group Clasification (0,5mm) EN 649 Class 33,42
Abration Resistance EN 660- (volume loss):6,94mm3/100r
Residual Indentation EN 433 : Pass
Tensile Strength UP to 1460 Ibs/sq,Inch
Thermal Conductivity 0 186watt/mk
Castor Chair Resistance EN 425 : Pass
Hear Resistance ASTMF 1514 Pass
Chemical Resistance EN 423 : Pass
Flexibility EN 435/ASTM F 137-03 : Pass
Sound Reduction DIN 52210 : 4db
Flammability GB/T11785-89/ASTM E648 : ≥45 watt/cm-class*
Smoke Density DIN4102/ASTM D2843-99 : Class B1
Electrical Resistnace EN 1081 method C : Pass