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25 Years Warranty


Laminate Flooring ( Lantai Kayu )

Wood Floor (Laminate Flooring) Meforze made ​​from powder and/or wood pulp pressed with high pressure (High Density Fiberboard / HDF) and  overlaid with Melamine wood pattern paper and then overlaid again with Wear Layer in the surface so that the Laminate Flooring has resistant to scratches , at the bottom is overlaid with Balance layer to protect from moisture and on the side of the HDF materials (click) is coated with Wax Protection to protect materials from water absorption so that HDF is not easily damaged if the water does not get absorbed.

Wood Floor (Laminate Flooring) Meforze are very suitable as an option for those who intend to apply the wooden flooring with a light budget. Installation is also very easy and relatively fast.

Color & Surface



a. Wear layer : This easy-to-clean surface contains aluminium oxide that protects the floor from stains, fading and wear.

b. Image design layer : A photographic image of wood, stone, or virtually anything you can imagine.

c. Inner core layer : The core provide the floor’s structural strength and stability. It is made from high density fiberboard (HDF).

d. Backing layer : Found beneath the inner core, the backing is made with resin saturated paper. It creates a moisture barrier that protects the floor from warping.

e. Wax protection : Wax prevent the HDF from water absorption when the floor has been installed.

Technical Data

Abrasion Resistance Test En 13329 AC3 (Circle>6000)
AC4 (Circle>9000)
Density En 323 900-950 kg/m3
Resistance To Stain En 13329 Class 5 (No Effect)
Resistance To Curving En 317 40 N/mm2
Resistance To Pulling En 319 1,2 N/mm2
Resistance To Fade En 13329 Level 6 (No Discoloration)
Resistance To Roller/Castors Chairs En 425 No Visible Damage
Impact Resistance En 13329 IC2 (General Commercial use)
Thickness Swelling Resistance Test En 13329 <8% Sweeling
Cigarette Resistance Test En 13329 Degree 5 (No visible change)
Simulated Pushing of Furniture Leg En 424 No visible damage
Fire Classification DIN 4102 B1 Flame Retardant
Surface Soundness En 311 < N/mm2
Item’s Being Concave or Convex En 13329 0,30mm
Deviation From The Right Angle En 13329 Q Max,0,2 mm
(Between Length and Width)
Elasticity Module En 310 3500 N/m2

 thumb-iso-product-LAMINATE_R03 TYPE ON SP.