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How to clean/care

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How To Clean Laminate Flooring

  1. To clean Laminate Flooring can use a soft broom, because although the Laminate Flooring are scratch resistant , still have a possibility of scratches due to a mistake choosing hard and sharp broom . If cleaning by vacuum cleaner , use a soft brush on a vacuum cleaner in order to avoid floor scratches . Clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner 1 or 2 times a week .
  2. Laminate Flooring should avoid from water or wet prone area because when water absorb into the wood material (HDF) can cause damage. If Laminate Flooring is exposed by water it must be cleaned with a cloth , then dry . If not cleaned for too long can lead the water penetrating into the connection gaps and after that the floor will eventually penetrating into the wax layer that eventually exposed wood material (HDF) which would cause the material expands ( inflate ) and damaged even hit /eaten by termites .
  3. When cleaning hardwood floor, use only a dry cloth or damp course (it is recommended to use a chamois cloth) . Water from the wet cloth may absorb into the connection gap of Laminate Flooring that will cause damage . If there is a damage caused by water , is will be very difficult to fixed it even cannot be repaired ( need to be replaced ) .
  4. Do not move furniture legs which are heavy laden and sharply above Laminate Flooring (except that has a blunt base or made ​​from rubber ) . Use a soft base such as cloth or towel on the bottom of the furniture when you want to move it , it will avoid scratches on the hardwood floor.
  5. Use doormats at each access in and out of the room to reduce the impurities carried by shoes.

* ) The easiest way to fix scratches that may arise is to disguise it with floor wax.

How do the waxing process (polish) :
1. Clean the scratched area first with a cloth/vacuum and dab floor wax on a clean cloth
2. Rub in a circular motion on the floor to disguise it .
3. Take another clean cloth and flatten the floor wax .
4. Make sure there is no trace of wax were left in the rubbed area .

How To Clean & Care Vinyl Floor

  1. Cleaned the Floor from dust and mop with clean water every day.
  2. Can be cleaned and mop with perfuming cleaner.
  3. Can be polish by using wax Strip and Homogeneous Polish if floor look dull/dirty on the top layer of Vinyl Floor.
  4. When Vinyl Floor exposed by liquids (eg : syrup, coffee, tea, etc..), wipe the liquid as soon as possible (wipe with a mop/tissue/cloth) to remove spots/flecks permanently.
  5. How to care regularly and properly will have result of clean Vinyl Floor, shiny, well-maintained, and durable.