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NOW Home Views

Home interior design can reflect the character of its inhabitants, because it has become commonplace all the design will be tailored to the needs of the occupants, ranging from a combination of interior materials, furniture, paint color walls, and also the floor.

The look of the dining room looks spacious despite using a large dining table, let alone a specially designed garden on the outside can add to the atmosphere of the dining room becomes more beautiful.

In the example of the project the more dominant wood material seen on the sturdy wooden chairs and tables and more interestingly is the use of wooden flooring, the rampant usage of wooden floors in the house is becoming a trend today, with the many motives available will make it easier for homeowners as well the interior design in blending color and interior design concept desired.

Let’s move on to the wooden floor to make your dwellings look more beautiful and modern with MEFORZE wooden flooring