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Home Renovation Using Wooden Floor

Renovation of the house from old to new by using modern interior design is not easy. There are many things to consider, from the cost to the decision whether the renovation should change in whole or in part. For those of you who have already allocated funds to dismantle the house, rebuilding may be the most ideal choice. But for those of you who just want to replace the atmosphere of the house with a renovation that is not too big, can consider the turn of the atmosphere by creating a different interior design.

Modern home interior design is currently the most preferred is to use wood materials as the main element in the interior. Why wood? Because wood material is currently very popular, easily adjusted with other materials, and because it looks warm and gives the impression of comfort in the room. Using wood materials as a floor is enough to make your home look comfortable. Plenty of choice of motif and color of Meforze wood floor will be very easy in combine with other interior material. Can not believe it? Please note the interior design of the house above that was renovated into a modern look with wood material.