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Knowing the Most Preferred Floor Types

There are various types of floors most used by the Indonesiaan people. The main function of floor use is as a footrest base so it gives comfort when you walk and have activity on it.

The floor also includes one of the important parts of interior design so should be well thought out what material is most appropriate to use and how to care for it. Here are some types of flooring and tips for maintenance.

1. Wood Floor / Parquet, Many people assume the wooden / parquet floor is very difficult to maintenance and expensive. Whereas in the right way, wood flooring can be the right choice for your living space. Wooden floors offer a natural elegance of wooden look with a wide selection of colors. In addition, the wood floor is very suitable for the bedroom to provide a warm and intimate atmosphere in the room.

How to care, do routine maintenance such as cleaning using a broom or a vacuum cleaner so that the remaining dust or dirt does not become stains attached on the sidelines of parquet connection. Avoid cleaning wood floors with a wet mop because it can be damaging if water enters the wood floor joints. The best way is to use a damp kanebo so that the wooden floor is safer than the entry of water into the sidelines of the parquet.

2. Vinyl Floor, Compared to wood flooring, vinyl flooring is easier in maintenance, with waterproof material that makes us not have a headache in cleaning it.

How to care, do the usual maintenance can use a broom or vacuum cleaner, for vinyl floor is still safe if you want to mop with a wet mop cloth.

3. Marble Floor, The marble floor is one of the floors that impresses luxury. In addition to colors and patterns that vary, the price can be very expensive.

Excess marble flooring is more fireproof and also able to withstand heavy loads. But the main weakness, if exposed to colored liquid (coffee, tea, ink) will sink in and hard to remove. Marble can also be mossy if exposed to continuous sunlight.

For maintenance to always be brilliant, marble floors should be treated with treatments such as marble polish and terrazzo polishing. Certainly with the cost is not cheap. Tips if you want a cheaper marble floor treatment that is, first floor mop with floor cleaning fluid. Once dry, apply with a cream commonly used to polish the car body to the entire surface of the marble floor. Wait a few moments for the polishing cream to sink in. Once considered pervasive enough, scrub the marble floor with a dishwasher (green sponge) until the cream is completely gone. Clean the former cream with a broom, then wipe with a cloth.

4. Ceramic Floor, Ceramic floor is the most widely used flooring material in Indonesia today because of its nature that fits with the climate of Indonesia. A wide selection of colors, sizes, and ceramic motifs are on the market at varying prices. The workmanship is cheap and the treatment is easy, if exposed to fluid or dirt is also not an imprint. For a room that is often exposed to water like the bathroom should use ceramic with a rough texture to the floor, while on the wall you can choose according to your wishes.

How to care is easy and here are some tips for your ceramic floor is always clean, shiny, well maintained, and nice views. Ceramic floors should be diligently swept when dirty, avoiding sharp grain sand that can cause scratches on the surface of the ceramic. Perform pairing on a regular basis. Matching uses only clean water or added floor moping if necessary, if too much will leave the rest of the sticky detergent and accelerate the dirt again. Avoid floor cleaners with high acid or acid content that will make the ceramic glazing coating eroded and not shiny again. Use a mop with high absorption, and for outdoor ceramics (terraces) exposed to sunlight and rain water should be cleaned frequently. If there is a crust immediately clean it with a cleanser containing acid is not too high after that rinse with water and dry.