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How to Overcome Dull Wood Floor

Poor quality wood parquet will easily dull and change color when worn. Therefore make sure we use the type of quality wood parquet. The simplest way to ensure the quality of parquet we use is of good quality is to apply it to the wood flooring expert. One that you can rely on for this is Meforze. Where Meforze has experienced in providing various types of quality wood flooring. Just call Meforze at 021-22520661.
What can we do if our wood floor has changed color already? First, we have to remove the dull paint from our wooden floor. The common thing done for this is by sanding it. The surface of the wood floor that has been sanded evenly can open the pores of the wooden floor so that later the paint can stick well.
Make sure the wood floor condition is not moist and use oil based paints. Oil-based paints can seep up into the wood pores so the paint can last longer on the wood surface. Application of the paint should be enough to use a brush only. Although using the brush is more time consuming but the result is more leverage and evenly. Do some repetition for better results.
The cheap wooden floor of Meforze is a kind of cheap wooden floor that has good quality. Both in terms of wood parquet material and the type of paint used. Trust your wood floor needs only to Meforze.
Source: Meforze.com